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"American Dream Home Remodeling"

Ryan McHenry decided to establish American Dream Home Remodeling. Their vision was to create a company that homeowners really can count on! They both have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry and see that too often competitors don't treat homeowners with respect and fairness. These two decided enough was enough and created American Dream Home Remodeling to prove that not all contractors are bad. The concept of being a well rounded craftsman, with a vast understanding in the industry and competitive rates is what you will find with American Dream Home Remodeling.

Meet the Team

With a combined over 20 years experience in the industry the founders, started American Dream Home Remodeling after seeing countless projects get ruined by contractors with a lack of experience. Customer service is American Dream's war cry. We strive to be the most reliable, attentive, and knowledgeable home improvement contractor in the Charlotte area. "We understand the most important tool we can use is good communication!"


Ryan McHenry

Co-Founder / Sales Manager & COO

Ryan's background in the industry steams from his father, who ran a very successful construction company for over 30 years. His experience is one where he was both hands on with his fathers customers and projects to understanding how the business is ran. His father took pride in establishing a relationship with the customers which made him more like family. He instilled this ideals in Ryan and today it is what guides him in his own business. No matter how big or small the project is Ryan goes out of his way to make sure customers know how important to him that they are. He takes pride in his work and wont leave the job until its done 100%.

American Dream  Home Remodeling

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If we seem like the type of team that you would trust with your home, give us a call at 704-837-0652. Send us an email at Click "Set an Appointment" to fill out a form online with your information and we will get right back to you!